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Advanced Practice | Sessions 3 & 55

Advanced practice for Session 3 - Getting Comfortable With Feeding: You Can Do It! (3 PDUs) and Session 55 - Feeding, Eating, and Swallowing in School-based Practice (1.5 PDUs) have been approved by CBOT for Swallowing Assessment, Evaluation, or Intervention.

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1 Addressing Sleep in Occupational Therapy: A 24-hour Approach Wellness 3
2 Building Skills for Engaging People Living with Dementia Older Adults 3 Session_2.pdf
3 Getting Comfortable With Feeding--You Can Do It! Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 3 Session_3.pdf
4 The Private Practice Business Bootcamp General/Leadership/Management 6 Session_4.PDF
5 OT and Pain Management in Acute Care Physical Disabilities 3
6 Opportunities for Incorporating Dogs into OT Practice General/Leadership/Management 3 Session_6.pdf
7 The Evaluation in Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI)- Normative Data Collection Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 4
10 Can Video Games Foster Engagement in Therapy? Technology 1.5 Session_10.pdf
11 Epilepsy Care: An Outpatient, Lifestyle Management Approach Physical Disabilities 1.5
12 Bridging the Gap Between Simulations in Education and Disability Perspectives Academics 1.5
13 Occupational Therapy Intervention for Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy Oncology 1.5 Session_13.pdf
14 Substance Overdose: Death and the Kawa Model Wellness 1.5
15 Self-regulation Challenges in Infants and Toddlers Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5
16 An Interprofessional Approach to Healthcare: A USC Student-run Clinic (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0
17 CPT Coding for Occupational Therapy Services: What You Need to Know General/Leadership/Management 3
18 Using the OT Practice Framework to Re-ignite Fire Into Practice General/Leadership/Management 3
18 Using the OT Practice Framework to Re-ignite Fire Into Practice Building Capacity 3
19 School-based Practice: Application of Laws and Evidence Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 3 Session_19.pdf
20 The Impact Anti-immigrant Environment Has on Occupation Mental Health 3
30 Alexa, Google, Siri? Voice Home Automation is Here! Technology 1.5
31 Human Trafficking: OTs Role in Continuum of Care Physical Disabilities 1.5 Session_31.pdf
32 Promoting Self-advocacy for College Students with Disabilities Academics 1.5
33 Improving Patient and Caregiver Discharge Readiness in Oncology Oncology 1.5
34 Occupational Therapy and Spirituality: Exploring Caregivers' Perspectives Wellness 1.5
35 Kids Who Hurt: OT for Pain Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5
36 A Life of a COTA/L (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0
40 Ergonomics: The Office and Beyond General/Leadership/Management 2
41 Using the 3D Printer in Occupational Therapy Education Academics 2 Session_41.pdf
42 Concept to Implementation: Overview of a Conference for Young Adults with Disabilities Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 2
43 Fatigue Management for Multiple Sclerosis Physical Disabilities 2
44 Postsecondary Students with ASD: Sleep, Stress, and Social Participation Academics 2
45 Psychosocial Interventions across the Continuum of Cancer Care Oncology 2
46 A Holistic Approach to Addressing Sexuality: The Pavlovich Sexuality Questionnaire Wellness 2
47 Promoting Oral Health for Children with Special Needs General/Leadership/Management 2 Session_47.pdf
48 School-based Telehealth: Bringing Services to Any Child Anywhere General/Leadership/Management 2
49 The Science and Art of Handcrafts in Occupational Therapy Physical Disabilities 2 Session_49.pdf
50 Welcome To The OT/COTA Career Shark Tank! (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0
51 The Pedagogy of Clinical Reasoning in OT Students Academics 1.5
52 State Legislative and Regulatory Updates Building Capacity 1.5 Session_52.pdf
52 State Legislative and Regulatory Updates General/Leadership/Management 1.5 Session_52.pdf
53 The Physiology of Safety and Danger Older Adults 1.5 Session_53_small.pdf
54 Lifestyle Redesign(R)-inspired Program for Obesity Wellness 1.5 Session_54.pdf
55 Feeding, Eating, and Swallowing in School-based Practice Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5 Session_55.pdf
56 NBCOT Student Knowledge Bowl (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0
57 Medication Self-management for Patient Care with Resource/Apps General/Leadership/Management 3
58 Cultural Fluidity: Application and Relevance in Clinical Practice General/Leadership/Management 3
59 SoulPlay: Creative Empowerment to Change Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 3
60 Optimizing Pediatric Outcomes by Combining Sensory Integration with Other Approaches Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 6 Session_60.pdf
61 Introduction to Therapeutic Applications of Kinesiotape Physical Disabilities 6
62 Exploring the Emerging Niche of First-generation College Students Academics 1.5 Session_62.pdf
63 You and Your License: For all OT Practitioners General/Leadership/Management 1.5
63 You and Your License: For all OT Practitioners Building Capacity 1.5
64 Reducing Hospital Readmissions using Lifestyle Redesign: A Pilot Study Older Adults 1.5
65 Get Your Groove Back: Occupational Engagement For Practitioners Wellness 1.5
66 Expanding Roles for OT in School-based Practice by Understanding the Legislative Process Building Capacity 1.5 Session_66.pdf
66 Expanding Roles for OT in School-based Practice by Understanding the Legislative Process General/Leadership/Management 1.5 Session_66.pdf
67 Speak Easy: Taking Your Presentation Skills From Cringe-Worthy to Confident (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0 Session_67.pdf
70 OT Issues Around the Country: National Perspective and the View from Sacramento General/Leadership/Management 1.5 Session_70.pdf
70 OT Issues Around the Country: National Perspective and the View from Sacramento Building Capacity 1.5 Session_70.pdf
71 Innovative Investigations at a Family Homeless Shelter Wellness 1.5 Session_71.pdf
72 Occupational Therapy Primary Care Consultations for the College Student Population Academics 1.5
73 Assessing Family Wellness Using an Occupational Mandala Profile General/Leadership/Management 1.5 Session_73.pdf
78 Cognitive Interventions for Children and Adolescents Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 3 Session_78.pdf
74 NBCOT: Strategies for Certification Success (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0
76 Residency and Fieldwork Models in Primary Care Academics 3
77 But I Thought I Was Being Ethical! General/Leadership/Management 3 Session_77.pdf
75 Analyzing Social Medias Influence on School-based Practitioners Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5
79 Build Your Capacity as an Advocate for the Profession Building Capacity 1.5 Session_79.pdf
79 Build Your Capacity as an Advocate for the Profession General/Leadership/Management 1.5 Session_79.pdf
80 Are You Preparing Your Clients and Their Families for the Next Fire, Earthquake, Flood, Disaster or Personal Emergency? General/Leadership/Management 1.5 Session_80.pdf
81 Understanding Leadership Development through OT Student Externships Academics 1.5
82 Breaking Down Patient Care Barriers through Caregiver Empowerment Wellness 1.5 Session_82.PDF
83 Utilizing DIR-FCD Principles in a School Setting Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5 Session_83.pdf
84 Neuroscience Behind Spirituality and Its Role in Occupational Therapy (STUDENT TRACK) Student Track 0
90 Providing Holistic Hand Therapy to Patients with PTSD Physical Disabilities 1.5
91 Integrating OT into Court-mandated Forensic Psychiatric Treatment Mental Health 1.5
92 How Dying Trajectories Guide Occupation-based Interventions Older Adults 1.5
93 SNFs: Return to Our Roots to Save Our Future Older Adults 1.5 Session_93.pdf
94 Emerging Motherhood: Blending Occupational Therapy and Parenting Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5
95 Occupational Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine: An Evidence-based Response to Management of Non-communicable Diseases Wellness 3 Session_95.pdf
96 Motor Learning Applications in the School-based Setting Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 3 Session_96.pdf
97 Compassionate Listening Development in an Adolescent Urgent Care Physical Disabilities 1.5
98 OT and an Adult with ASP and SPD Partnering for Functional Outcomes Mental Health 1.5 Session_98.pdf
99 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Seniors: Including the Invisible Population Older Adults 1.5 Session_99.pdf
100 Family-centered Intervention for Individuals with Dementia Older Adults 1.5
101 Inclusion in Childcare Settings Utilizing Trauma-informed Care Model Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5 Session_101.pdf
110 Children's Lower Body Dressing Made Fun and Easy Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5 Session_110.pdf
111 Multidisciplinary Team Approach and Therapeutic Intervention of Infants and Toddlers with Brachial Plexus Palsy Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5
112 Awakening the Leader Within: Skilled Use of Advocacy Interventions at the Person, Population, and Community Levels General/Leadership/Management 3
112 Awakening the Leader Within: Skilled Use of Advocacy Interventions at the Person, Population, and Community Levels Mental Health 3
113 Kawa: Deepening Your Practice General/Leadership/Management 3 Session_113.pdf
114 Understanding and Maintaining Compassion Amidst Suffering Older Adults 3
115 Oculomotor and Visual Field Impairments after Neurological Injury Older Adults 3 Session_115.pdf
115 Oculomotor and Visual Field Impairments after Neurological Injury Physical Disabilities 3 Session_115.pdf
116 Overcoming the Challenges of Working in a SNF Older Adults 3
117 Does OT SI Enhance Play in Children: Scoping Review Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5
118 Homeschooling Research: OT Screening Tool and Parent Preferences Pediatrics/School-based/Young Adults 1.5

Poster Presentation Handouts

There are two groups. Poster presentations may be viewed only on Saturday, October 27, 2018 – Group A: 11:30am–12:30pm; and Group B: 1:00pm–2:00pm in the Exhibit Hall. To earn PDUs, the poster presenter(s) must initial your Certificate of Completion form. You may earn .25 PDU for each poster with a maximum allowed of 2 PDUs for the two-hour session.

  • EBP and PAMs at the Student Level - Group A (11:30am - 12:30pm) | download
  • Mindfulness Meditation Effects on Spasticity in Stroke Survivors - Group A (11:30am - 12:30pm) | download
  • Occupation-focused Work Readiness Program with Homeless Parents - Group A (11:30am - 12:30pm) | download
  • Using Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Student Professionalism in Fieldwork - Group B (1:00pm - 2:00pm) | download