There are several parking structures very close to the Hyatt Regency and Sacramento Convention Center.

  • L and 12th Streets – This is a self-parking garage that is attached to the Hyatt Regency. You can enter the garage from either L Street or 12th Street. Once you park in the garage, follow the directional signs to the elevator. Go to Level 2 – this is the entrance to the second floor of the hotel (mezzanine level). You can either take the stairs or the elevator to the first floor which is where the hotel registration area is located.
  • Central Parking System, 1303 J Street (between 13th and 15th streets)
  • State Capitol Parking Garage, 1303 – 10th Street (between L and J streets; enter on 10th Street)
  • Esquire Plaza Parking Garage, 1215 – 13th Street (between J and L streets)
  • Ampco Systems Parking, 1100 J Street (between 11th and 12th streets)